Short Your Long URLs by creating a vanity link
using the Polygon blockchain technology., a url shortener service, will make it easier for people to reach you out. A unique and innovate way to use a NFT "as a service".

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Short this one (shrthisone) is a Decentralized URL shortener service that is served on the polygon blockchain. Managed via a smart contract, you can easily create a short url from your long url by buying a vanity keyword that serves as a shortcut.

How it works?

Everything is controled inside a smart contract. The unique keyword is distributed as a non fungible token. The keyword itself serves as the NFT id. This is what makes the keyword unique and makes it impossible to duplicate the same keyword.

Where is the information stored?

When you buy a short keyword, everything will be written forever on the polygon blockchain. This service require no external server. it connects to a URL that user can go to from this blockchain nft domain using a target keyword that reflects your idea, your ambition, the business, or make a collection of NFT's. You can throw it around at your friends or wait until the keyword becomes popular and resell it.

How can you join the keyword war?

By investing, collecting, using and reselling URL shortcuts in this never-ending SEO keywords war!

The limit is your imagination. Do you have what it takes?

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